6 - Create A New Virtual Tour

This is where your new Virtual Tour starts. Upload a panoramic image and you could see it instantly converted into an Interactive Virtual Tour. The site supports all kind of 360 degrees images as much as fish eye shots and partial panoramas. Vertical images are not supported.

The Online Virtual Tour Creator can recognize by itself the type of the 360 degrees photograpy uploaded and adjust automatically the settings to the image properties. If you wish to use another settings you can change the type of image by editing the information attached to the saved image.

All aditional information attached to an image is optional, but to be able to edit or remove it you'll need to identify yourself with a password.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to check the corresponding checkbox if your image is a partial panorama or hemispherical image (convex mirror shot or fish eye shot).

Partial Panorama
Hemispherical Image

(*) Please upload to this page only images of any of the types supported below and in JPG, GIF or PNG format. Images of other types may not work with the Online Virtual Tour Creator and could be removed.

(*) Due at the high number of Virtual Tours created from source images which are non-compatible with the selected format, to preserve the quality of the gallery 360 Facil reserves the right to correct the format type in case the Virtual Tours, having been saved without any password cannot be corrected by their authors.