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The Online Virtual Tour Creator supports several image formats and lets you create Virtual Tours from the scratch in just two clicks:

  • A click from your camera to capture 360 degree around in a single exposure.

  • A click from your mouse to transform the picture into an Interactive Virtual Tour.

With your own camera and free.


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A Minimal Investment To Update Your Online Real Estate Agency

Offer more and better services to your clients by showing your Real Estate Portfolio in 360 degree Virtual Tours. Nothing is more alike to actually being in the place and you can do it yourself with the same ease as you do it with traditional pictures.

The Ideal Complement To Any Website

Every Webmaster can notoriously improve his/her services by adding to them interactive Virtual Tours that he/she can do with his/her own equipment and in as little as two clicks.

The Freeware Programs That Will Do All The Job

Depending on the panorama type, the combination of this four free programs, three, two, one or even none of them is all the multimedi photographer needs to complete his/her work.

Renovated Online Virtual Tour Creator : improved design, Facebook comments box for each Virtual Tour, internal engine optimized for greater speed, compatibility with more browsers and increased security.


The Most Complete Listing Of Programs For Panoramic Photography And 360 Degree Video.

Although for the creation of our Tutorials we have preferred the use of a limited number of free programs, there is a great variety of software for panoramic photography which, through different tools, create the same effects and some others, sometimes making it possible to achieve the same results with more speed or with a lesser effort. On this chapter you'll find references for most of them, clasified by utility and and price.

The followng are four programs which we consider essential for the multimedia photographer. Depending on the type of program and making use of a combination of them all, some or even none of them the multimedia photographer can complete his/her entire work. They are all free and can be freely downloaded from the Internet.

Four Basic And Free Programs For Panoramic Photography

is an open source free image editor. To put it another way it is a sort of freeware Photoshop, with features similar to the popular Adobe's editor and lots of like functions including all the main ones such as edition in layers, manual or numeric transformations and multiple selection, edition and manipulation tools. In short, it is difficult to think of any image transformation that could not get achieved with Gimp. This program, having its source codes available to developers, is frequently updated. It can be freely downloaded from the homepage of .

Hugin Panorama Stitcher is a panorama creator from groups of images and it is an open source freeware too. It is based on Helmut Dersch's codes upon which are also based programs such as PTViewer, PT-Gui and others. Among other advantages, Hugin offers a great variety of options for automatic or manual panorama edition and it admits the use of external control points detectors which are integrated into the program's functioning. The official site of Hugin is in English and there you'll find translations into several languages.

Pano2QTVR (Pano To Quick Time Virtual Reality) is the free version for non commercial use of a project by Thomas Rauscher, which will prove useful for two functions that the other programs on this basic listing do not offer. We can use it to convert cylindrical or spherical panoramas into cube faces and also to create .mov format files to be used in Quick Time based Virtual Tours. It can be downloaded freely from the official page of Pano2QTVR and once installed we can choose our favorite language.

Ryubin's Pano Player is an interactive panorama viewer as Virtual Tours based on Flash. It supports a great variety of panoramic formats, including 360 degree donut shots, cylindrical and spherical panoramas, fisheye shots and even 360 degree videos. It is highly customizable, supporting Flash variables passed through links, customizable control buttons, configuration files in xml format, etc. The Virtual Tours created with this viewer work smoothly, even placing several of them in the same page and never freeze. Download this free program from the official site of Ryubin's Pano Player.

While using this programs the 360 degree photographer can complete any job, it is always recommendable to know the alternatives that the market offers, which are presented below. The categories are just by way of orientation because in many cases the same program has features that would justify its inclusion in several groups. Click to .



Virtual Tours


360 Video


We'll present them one by one from the next page.

Visitor's Feedback

mario ( says :

cual es el programa par visita virtual 360 en html5


Mario ( says :

Por favor ne cesito saber el software para virtuales en html5 gracias


360 Facil ( says :

Hola Mario, Gracias por tu consulta. Hasta el momento no hemos probado programas para Tours Virtuales en Html 5 pero hemos visto que existen varios, por ejemplo, Pano2VR e Easypano Html5 Virtual Tour. Si buscas en Google seguro encuentras otros. Buena suerte y saludos!


analia ( says :

hola muy bueno el sitio, lo estoy descubriendo, y quisiera saber si hay y que programa se puede utilizar para transformar una foto panoramica en una dona de 360. gracias!


360 Facil ( says :

Hola Analia, Gracias por tu mensaje y por participar en 360 Facil. Lo que quieres hacer deberia ser posible utilizando el plugin de coordinadas polares, que funciona en Gimp, Photoshop y otros editores de imagen. El proceso seria aproximadamente el inverso al explicado en la URL al pie de este comentario. Lo que probablemente deberias hacer es pegar el panorama -centrado verticalmente- sobre un fondo tan ancho como el mismo panorama, pero cuya relacion de lados sea el doble de ancho que de alto. De esta manera estaras completando el area correspondiente al cenit y al nadir de la esfera. Luego deberias estirar verticalmente esta imagen hasta convertirla en un cuadrado y entonces, aplicar el plugin de coordenadas polares para cambiar el trazado de rectangular a circular. Entonces deberia aparecer la dona de 360 grados centrada en el cuadrado. Nos gustaria saber si lo has conseguido. Buena suerte y saludos!


Enric ( says :

Hola. Quiero montar una tour virtual de 360º. Ya tengo el JPG con todas la imagenes "empalmadas", pero con que programa las monto para que sea en 360? (a poder ser gratuïtas). En verdad, lo estoy haciendo con un Ipad, con una aplicación de Google view, pero hay alguna imagenes que antes de colgarlas las tengo que editar, pero al hacerlo en photoshop, se me convierten en 2D (jpg)... y no se como volverlas a tener en formato 3D o "360". Muchas gràcias


360 Facil ( says :

Hola Enric. Gracias por tu consulta. De acuerdo con los tres pasos en que dividimos el proceso completo de la creacion de un panorama interactivo de 360 grados, la creacion del JPG corresponde a la etapa de edicion. Para hacerlo de 360 grados e interactivo debes publicarlo. Todos los programas de publicacion toman la imagen de dos dimensiones y la re-proyectan como si fuera de tres. Para empezar, puedes probar subir tus panoramas a nuestro Creador de Tours Virtuales Online (haz click en la URL al pie de este comentario) y automaticamente estara convertida en un panorama interactivo de 360 grados de tres dimensiones. Buena Suerte y Saludos!


alberto ( says :

Hola, quiesiera saber con que programa puedo hacer foto de producto en 360grados?


César Jesús del Amo García ( says :

Por Favor; preciso obtener un buen programa para la realización de panorámicas (varias fotos) y que pueda realizar en 360º.Gracias anticipadas. Un saludo para todos.


360 Facil ( says :

Hola Cesar. Gracias por tu mensaje y consulta. La hemos movido a esta pagina por entender que aqui sera util para mas personas. Si haces click en el enlace al pie de este comentario encontraras una lista de programas comparados, con sus caracterisitcas principales. Todos aquellos con una tilde en la columna Entrada / Imagenes en Secuencia sirven para lo que necesitas. Buena suerte y saludos!


Casiano ( says :

Hola Mario, me gustaría que me ayudara, hago las panorámicas con Autopano Giga 4.0,Panotour Pro 2.3 y me las hago en HTML o en PTV y quisiera que me dijeras que software puedo utilizar par pasar la panorámicas a .mov o quicktime. Gracias


Landa ( says :

hola que tal, me piden un trabajo en la escuela para hacer foto 360, tengo nocion de fotografia y se como hacer las tomas, que programa me recomiendan ya que me piden que se pueda colgar la fotografia en redes sociales y en maps y asi?


Anonimo (Email) says :



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With any camera

360 Degree Interactive Panoramas
In Three Easy Steps

After reading this tutorial you'll be able to create your first 360 degree interactive photography with the camera you already have :

1 - Photograph
1 - Fotografiar

Take one or more pictures of the place you want to show.

2 - Edit
2 - Editar

Convert your pictures into 360 degree panoramas.

3 - Publish
3 - Publicar

Make your panoramas interactive and available to the world on the internet.

Start Tutorial

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 360 degree interactive panorama is worth a thousand pictures...


Online Virtual Tour Creator

Using the online virtual tour creator you can :

Convert your 360 degree pictures to virtual tours with a single click.

Insert your virtual tours into web sites, emails, blogs or wherever you like by just copying and pasting a text.

Know in a practical way all kinds of 360 degree pictures.

Discover that you can create hundreds of interactive virtual tours just as easily as you take pictures with your camera.

Check that with just one click from your camera and another click from your mouse it is possible to create a 360 degree interactive virtual tour out of nothing. And completely free of charge!!!

You can get started right now, even if you don't have a camera

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