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The Online Virtual Tour Creator supports several image formats and lets you create Virtual Tours from the scratch in just two clicks:

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  • A click from your mouse to transform the picture into an Interactive Virtual Tour.

With your own camera and free.


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A Minimal Investment To Update Your Online Real Estate Agency

Offer more and better services to your clients by showing your Real Estate Portfolio in 360 degree Virtual Tours. Nothing is more alike to actually being in the place and you can do it yourself with the same ease as you do it with traditional pictures.

The Ideal Complement To Any Website

Every Webmaster can notoriously improve his/her services by adding to them interactive Virtual Tours that he/she can do with his/her own equipment and in as little as two clicks.

The Freeware Programs That Will Do All The Job

Depending on the panorama type, the combination of this four free programs, three, two, one or even none of them is all the multimedi photographer needs to complete his/her work.

Renovated Online Virtual Tour Creator : improved design, Facebook comments box for each Virtual Tour, internal engine optimized for greater speed, compatibility with more browsers and increased security.

Unwrap Panoramas

On this page we'll see how to unwrap a sequence of photographs containing 360 Degree Donut shots to convert them into cilyndrical panoramas.

The idea is to convert each sequence of images into panoramas in a single automatized step, using the same settings for all frames of a batch. For this we'll use . It is important to mention that this program is not free for everyone but only for those owners of a parabolic mirror, notwithstanding which the program is downloaded freely from the internet. The opened program looks like this :

We'll begin with the folder containing the first sequence of images, selecting them all and dragging the selection to the window of 0-360 UnWrapper :

After a few moments we can see the list of files loaded by the program for processing :

Using the mouse or the arrow keys on our keyboard or the combination of keys corresponding to our operating system, we´ll select the whole list so it is painted blue. We can choose to change the suffix with which the files created in this process will be distinguished from the rest, but for this example we will keep the default settings which will add to each file name the suffix _0360. We're ready to move on to the next screen by clicking on Next :

When the new tab is loaded we can see the automatic selection performed by the program over the first image of the list of files to be processed. As we selected all files in the previous step, the selection is applied equally to all images of the sequence :

While the automatic selection is pretty accurate, we prefer to adjust it manually to make sure the horizon line is a truly horizontal straight line in the panoramas we'll create. After some trials we are satisfied with the new nanual selection we have done. We can move on to the next step by clicking on Next :

In this step we can set the tones, saturation and black and white extreme points of the image. The default values ??calculated by the program are usually adequate, which is the case this time, so we will modify nothing and go on to the Next step :

In the contrast adjustment step we can make some small changes, as we have done, or go on straight to the Next step :

In this step we find several tabs with the available options for creating files. In the first tab called General we'll just choose the JPGE (Java Viewer) as we are neither interested in creating thumbnails nor Quick Time files or pages that contain these but only 360 degree panoramic images :

In the second tab we can perform adjustments to the quality of the files to be created :

Dragging the cursor to the end of the line will configure the program to optimize the created panoramas for best image quality. There is no need to check any of the available boxes since all of them are about file formats we are not going to deal with. For the same reason, none of the last two tabs at this step are of interest to us. We are ready to get the conversion started clicking on Next :

As the conversion process takes place we are shown a progress indicator :

When the conversion we can see a list of every panorama created together with a preview of the first one :

In the default location, ie, in the same folder that contains the original images now there are also the panoramas unwrapped from each one of those :

Going back to the open window of 0-360 UnWrapper we can once again click on Next to return to the first step of the sequence :

Clicking on Remove All we'll delete all files from the selected list :

We then have the list empty and ready to repeat the whole process, in this case with the folder containing the frames extracted from our second example video :

We start by dragging the new selection of files into 0-360 UnWrapper :

One after another, we repeat all the steps performed to the first folder until at the end of the process we have a panorama derived from each image in the source folder :

The panoramas are created like this :

Henceforth, working with the panoramas created in this step as frames we will edit the sequence for the interactive video we are going to create.

0-360 Unwrapper

Plattaforms : Windows, Mac OS X.
Languages : English.
License : Free only for owners of .
Open source : No.
Weight : 5.5 Mb.
Download : .
Version in tutorial :
More information : .

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With any camera

360 Degree Interactive Panoramas
In Three Easy Steps

After reading this tutorial you'll be able to create your first 360 degree interactive photography with the camera you already have :

1 - Photograph
1 - Fotografiar

Take one or more pictures of the place you want to show.

2 - Edit
2 - Editar

Convert your pictures into 360 degree panoramas.

3 - Publish
3 - Publicar

Make your panoramas interactive and available to the world on the internet.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 360 degree interactive panorama is worth a thousand pictures...


Online Virtual Tour Creator

Using the online virtual tour creator you can :

Convert your 360 degree pictures to virtual tours with a single click.

Insert your virtual tours into web sites, emails, blogs or wherever you like by just copying and pasting a text.

Know in a practical way all kinds of 360 degree pictures.

Discover that you can create hundreds of interactive virtual tours just as easily as you take pictures with your camera.

Check that with just one click from your camera and another click from your mouse it is possible to create a 360 degree interactive virtual tour out of nothing. And completely free of charge!!!

You can get started right now, even if you don't have a camera

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