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The Online Virtual Tour Creator supports several image formats and lets you create Virtual Tours from the scratch in just two clicks:

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A Minimal Investment To Update Your Online Real Estate Agency

Offer more and better services to your clients by showing your Real Estate Portfolio in 360 degree Virtual Tours. Nothing is more alike to actually being in the place and you can do it yourself with the same ease as you do it with traditional pictures.

The Ideal Complement To Any Website

Every Webmaster can notoriously improve his/her services by adding to them interactive Virtual Tours that he/she can do with his/her own equipment and in as little as two clicks.

The Freeware Programs That Will Do All The Job

Depending on the panorama type, the combination of this four free programs, three, two, one or even none of them is all the multimedi photographer needs to complete his/her work.

Renovated Online Virtual Tour Creator : improved design, Facebook comments box for each Virtual Tour, internal engine optimized for greater speed, compatibility with more browsers and increased security.

Photograph Spherical Panoramas With Three Or More Fisheye Shots

The most practical method to photograph complete spheres of 360 by 180 degree.

Although, as we shall see in the next chapter, the Nodal Rotator is a key piece to a professional quality full spherical panorama, all spherical panoramas composed by fisheye shots increase their chances of a good result if at editing time we can count on wider overlaying areas. Taking three photos -or more- every 120 degree instead of two every 180 the stitching of the image will be much easier and accurate.

A three shots example

Unlike the picture on the previous page, that two programs could not stitch and only the third one did, the picture that illustrates this page could be easily assembled by all programs with which we tried to do so. The difference can be measured mathematically. To stitch a 360 degree sphere from two photographs of 183 degree each, ie 366 degree in total, we can only count on 6 degree, that is, 360 degree of the panorama substracted from the 366 degree of our photographs or, what is the same, 1.6% of the sphere's area, where the images overlay and which is our only source of usefull information in order to combine the pictures.

Using three similar photographs, however, the overlapping areas add 189 degree (i.e. 183 degree for three pictures less 360 degree sphere), or what is the same, 52% of the total sphere. In other words, the chances of being able to assemble a good picture from a set of three photos are approximately 33 times higher than the chances of doing so with just two shots. The moral is: never photograph spheres in just two shots, do it always in at least three. More than three, depending on the lens, may not be necessary and may even be counterproductive if more than two photos cover the same sector.

To take two or three photos takes almost as long and you will not regret it when you find that all panoramas so photographed come out well. Take just two photos only if you have absolute confidence on your gear but even so, you must be ready to accept that some of your fisheye spheres may never be stitched by any program.

To have more information available for the assembly of the panoramas is one of the keys to come to a correct and easy editing of the final panorama. This caution, however, will be insufficient if you are looking for professional quality spheres, assembled with absolute accuracy, and all you can count on to take your pictures is your free hands or a regular tripod.

Indeed, to photograph a spherical panorama of professional quality with precision you could, if you prefer, dispense the fisheye and use, as we will see, the common lens of your camera. However, you could not do that without a curious attachment to be discussed in the next page.

Visitor's Feedback

alice ( says :

Creo que la tercera foto de ojo de pez no es correcta porque es igual que la anterior, es decir que la segunda y no barre la totalidad de la estancia.


360 Facil ( says :

Tienes razon, Alice. Habia un error en la pagina y ya esta corregido. Gracias por la observacion. Te mandamos saludos.


Jesus ( says :

que sofware puedo utilizar para unir las tres fotos esféricas, e intentado con varios pero venían en ingles y no lo he conseguido. Gracias.


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With any camera

360 Degree Interactive Panoramas
In Three Easy Steps

After reading this tutorial you'll be able to create your first 360 degree interactive photography with the camera you already have :

1 - Photograph
1 - Fotografiar

Take one or more pictures of the place you want to show.

2 - Edit
2 - Editar

Convert your pictures into 360 degree panoramas.

3 - Publish
3 - Publicar

Make your panoramas interactive and available to the world on the internet.

Start Tutorial

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 360 degree interactive panorama is worth a thousand pictures...


Online Virtual Tour Creator

Using the online virtual tour creator you can :

Convert your 360 degree pictures to virtual tours with a single click.

Insert your virtual tours into web sites, emails, blogs or wherever you like by just copying and pasting a text.

Know in a practical way all kinds of 360 degree pictures.

Discover that you can create hundreds of interactive virtual tours just as easily as you take pictures with your camera.

Check that with just one click from your camera and another click from your mouse it is possible to create a 360 degree interactive virtual tour out of nothing. And completely free of charge!!!

You can get started right now, even if you don't have a camera

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