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A Minimal Investment To Update Your Online Real Estate Agency

Offer more and better services to your clients by showing your Real Estate Portfolio in 360 degree Virtual Tours. Nothing is more alike to actually being in the place and you can do it yourself with the same ease as you do it with traditional pictures.

The Ideal Complement To Any Website

Every Webmaster can notoriously improve his/her services by adding to them interactive Virtual Tours that he/she can do with his/her own equipment and in as little as two clicks.

The Freeware Programs That Will Do All The Job

Depending on the panorama type, the combination of this four free programs, three, two, one or even none of them is all the multimedi photographer needs to complete his/her work.

Renovated Online Virtual Tour Creator : improved design, Facebook comments box for each Virtual Tour, internal engine optimized for greater speed, compatibility with more browsers and increased security.

Virtual Tour Without Editing : Horizontal Fisheye Shot

An alternative method to create partial Virtual Tours with great ease and economy.

Besides the parabolic mirrors to capture 360 Degree Donut Shots, other instrument capable of photographing a panorama of 360 degree is a Fisheye lens. These lenses extend the ability of the cameras to a little beyond 180 degree in a single photo. The result is a circular image that includes a full hemisphere.

Photographing A Hemisphere With One Click

Besides capturing very beautiful images Fisheye lenses are particularly good for some specific functions, including photographing small indoor and/or outdoor very large spaces, or connected to security cameras, cover large environments from strategic locations.

There are high-end Fisheye lenses for SLR cameras that attach to the camera body instead of the regular lens, and also adapters for certain models of consumer cameras, which placed in front of the camera lens, extend its field of view to match a Fisheye.

A Fish Eye Shot, by encompassing more than 180 degree in a circular image, captures an entire hemisphere in a single shot. This allows to capture a complete sphere of 360 x 180 degree with just two photographs taken in opposite directions from the same place. To do this properly, however, it is necessary that through both exposures the nodal point of the lens remain stationary, which cannot be achieved without using a nodal rotator. This does not prevent that any of these shots constitutes in itself sufficient material to create an excellent partial Virtual Tour.

By this method the entire environment is not shown but only its most interesting part, leaving out of the picture the opposite area. These Virtual Tours, although they do not cover more than half of the horizon line, they span all the scene's height from zenith to the nadir, and among other advantages they offer they do not need editing, can be photographed without a tripod, and potential deviations respect to the horizontal or vertical axis would not affect the image.

Below an example of Horizontal Fisheye Shot :

While a Fisheye lens always photographs 360 degree, it does so in a direction transverse to the axis of the camera, so that to capture what we would normally call 360 degree panoramas, it is necessary that it has a horizontal orientation. The Fisheye lens photographs entire hemispheres, ie circles of 360 x 180 degree. In Vertical Fisheye Shots, the circumference of 360 degree coincides with the horizon line, spanning it completely, so that we can talk about real 360 degree panoramas. If the orientation of the camera and lens are horizontal,the 360 degree circumference is transverse to the horizon and the resulting picture only covers half of it, so we consider these partial panoramas.

Transform The Horizontal Fish Eye Shot In Virtual Tour With One Click

The easiest way to transform an Horizontal Fish Eye Shot into an interactive Virtual Tour ready to be shared on multiple websites is to use our Online Virtual Tour Creator. It only takes to click here to enter the page, where among other options you will find a shortcut named create a new virtual tour.

This link takes you directly to the middle of the page, where the form to upload images is. Being yours a Fisheye Shot, tick with a tick the appropriate box. Doing so will display a new line with two options. To ensure that the system recognizes the loaded image as a Horizontal Fisheye Shot, tick the box identified with the word Horizontal: :

The options to add attached information are all optional, but it is recommended to type in a password as this will be required in case you wish to edit the information or remove the image from the database. The image file to be loaded is selected from its location on your hard disk by a dialog box :

After selecting the image and accepting, you must click on Upload Image Now and after a few seconds a new page will load with the new Virtual Tour. In the new page, the loaded image with attached data will look like this :

Simply click on the image to see the new interactive Virtual Tour performing :

The Virtual Tours created this way can be shared on multiple internet pages by just copying and pasting a code. For more information see the homepage of the Online Virtual Tour Creator.

A Common Problem: Misaligned Horizontal Fisheye Shot

Unlike 360 Degree Donut Shots or even Vertical Fisheye Shots, the Horizontal Fisheye Shots, by covering the whole horizon, presents practically no misalignment difficulties when transformed into interactive Virtual Tours. The eventual irregularities or undulations of the horizon line go largely unnoticed so it is possible to create excellent Virtual Tours with Horizontal Fisheye Shots even with photographs taken at oblique direction. In fact, in the example image the useful circle is closer to the upper limit than it is to the lower one and also closer to the right side than to the left of the picture, without making the perceived distortion evident.

This does not mean that to get a neater Virtual Tour termination it is not recommendable that the circle image is well centered within it. In most cases this will happen naturally as glasses and Fisheye converters connect to the cameras using sturdy enough threads and locks. Sometimes, however, you can capture Horizontal Fisheye Shots by simply leaning a fisheye lens or converter on a camera lens which is not compatible with it, hand-holding the system in position. In these cases it is likely that the resulting image deviates significantly from the desired alignment, so you should correct this defect. Next, we have exaggerated the misalignment on the example in this page :

As you can see to the right of the Virtual Tour, part of the scene was left out of view while the left end, in the other hand, shows the end of the picture and even beyond the scene, where you may see a significant sector of dark area corresponding to part of the original photo where the light has not come :

As in the case of 360 Degree Donut Shots and Vertical Fisheye Shots, the solution to this problem is simple: it is to crop the image leaving a square in the center fitting exactly the Vertical Fisheye Shot. In this way the center of the fisheye view and the center of the image will coincide and the Virtual Tour will work correctly. It is fair to say that this cropping is a minimum kind of edition of the image, so that it is no longer two-step job but three.

To crop the image you can use any image editor. It is advisable to check that at the end of the cut all sides of the image are equal, and if not, you should equalize them. At the example using Adobe Photoshop this is made with the Image Size tool :

The Horizontal Fisheye Shot cut and equalized looks finally like this :

Now, the Virtual Tour looks better :

From the next chapter we will see the different picture formats that we can get digitally editing one or more pictures.

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