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One Click Is Enough To Create An Online Virtual Tour

The Online Virtual Tour Creator supports several image formats and lets you create Virtual Tours from the scratch in just two clicks:

  • A click from your camera to capture 360 degree around in a single exposure.

  • A click from your mouse to transform the picture into an Interactive Virtual Tour.

With your own camera and free.


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A Minimal Investment To Update Your Online Real Estate Agency

Offer more and better services to your clients by showing your Real Estate Portfolio in 360 degree Virtual Tours. Nothing is more alike to actually being in the place and you can do it yourself with the same ease as you do it with traditional pictures.

The Ideal Complement To Any Website

Every Webmaster can notoriously improve his/her services by adding to them interactive Virtual Tours that he/she can do with his/her own equipment and in as little as two clicks.

The Freeware Programs That Will Do All The Job

Depending on the panorama type, the combination of this four free programs, three, two, one or even none of them is all the multimedi photographer needs to complete his/her work.

Renovated Online Virtual Tour Creator : improved design, Facebook comments box for each Virtual Tour, internal engine optimized for greater speed, compatibility with more browsers and increased security.

Interactive Quick Time Panorama Publishing

How To Insert Apple's Quick Time Based Virtual Tours Into A Webpage.

While this Apple's plugin's days of mayor popularity have given way to panoramas animated by Java and Flash, Quick Time is still a smart and functional choice. Just as with the other two mentioned environments, Quick Time depends for functioning on a plugin installed on the user's computer. Unlike Java and Flash plugins, which on top of being able to display Virtual Tours they empower a great variety of interactive contents on the web, the Quick Time plugin is only able to display 360 Degree Panoramas and to play videos.

Moreover, Quick Time does not load image files saved in popular formats such as jpg or bmp but it requires that the photograph is converted into mov, a proprietary Apple's format. It is likely that these two characteristics can explain the reason why the use of Quick Time has been declining.

Presentation Of The Quick Time Viewer

Apart from the mentioned limitations, the implementation of a Virtual Tour with Quick Time is easy and does not require anything else than the image file, usually refered to as a movie although it is a static image and the webpage where it is inserted. Click to download an example of Quick Time Movie and save it with the name to a folder which we could name QuickTime, where we'll also locate the pagina.htm file :

As always, to edit webpages we'll work simultaneously with two programs. In a browser's window we'll open the webpage to keep it in sight, and in a text editor's window we'll open the same file to have in sight its code :

As we can see, in the case illustrating this example the Quick Time plugin for the used browser is not installed and so the user, instead of being shown the interactive Virtual Tour, is displayed an icon prompting to download and install the plugin. This happens because it is part of the instruction of the page's code that we see on the text editor. The Mozilla Firefox browser, meanwhile, adds its own warning alert pointing at the lack of a necessary plugin and offers a button to launch the installaton process of it. By clicking on any of these links a new window pops up which will guide the user step by step until the process is completed :

After completing the last step it is likely it will be necessary to restart the browser. Once the page is refreshed, the Quick Time Virtual Tour is already visible :

Next we see the basic code that shows the example's Virtual Tour. Note it consists of two sections enclosed by respective pairs of <object></object> and <embed></embed> tags. Each one of these is recognized by different browsers and so it is always recommended to include both of them :

<object classid="clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B"
width="400" height="300" >
<param name="src" value="">
<param name="scale" value="tofit">
<param name="background" value="#eeeeee">
<param name="autoplay" value="true" />
<embed width="400" height="300"

The same code inserted after this paragraph produces the following effect :

Attributes Applicable To The Object And Embed Tags

The parameters are naturally editable. The following are some of the main attributes applicable to Quick Time when it is used as a Panorama Viewer :

src notes the URL where the viewer must look for the image file.

height is the height in pixels of the panorama viewer.

width is the width in pixels of the panorama viewer.

bgcolor is the background color of the viewer visible anywhere the Virtual Tour is not displayed.

controller is used to add an internal control's bar to the viewer below the panorama image.

enablejavascript allows to activate the access to the panorama viewer by Javascript functions.

fov is the vertical field of view and it takes integer numbers between 8 and 64.

pan defines the starting panning angle from the image's edge at loading the Virtual Tour.

tilt defines the starting tilting angle from the image's center at loading the Virtual Tour.

hotspot 1,2,3... allow to insert links into the Virtual Tour.

kioskmode is used to block or allow the emerging menu of the controller.

moviename identifies different files allowing for comunication between them, ie through links in different viewers embedded into the same page.

pluginspage specifies the URL where to download the Quick Time plugin in case it is necessary. The specific value to download the latest available version of it is

As an example, by adding some of these atributes and modifiying other we can edit the code at the beggining. Notice how by respecting the syntax corresponding to each tag, each atribute is modified within both pairs of <object></object> and <embed></embed> tags for all browsers to show the Virtual Tour the same way :

<object classid="clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B"
width="450" height="250" >
<param name="src" value="">
<param name="fov" value="112">
<param name="controller" value="true">
<param name="scale" value="tofit">
<param name="background" value="#eeeeee">
<param name="autoplay" value="true" />
<embed width="450" height="250"

After saving the changes on the text editor we'll refresh the page's view on the browser to see the Virtual Tour with the new settings :

For more information or to download the latest version from Apple's website visit Quick Time's Download Page .

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With any camera

360 Degree Interactive Panoramas
In Three Easy Steps

After reading this tutorial you'll be able to create your first 360 degree interactive photography with the camera you already have :

1 - Photograph
1 - Fotografiar

Take one or more pictures of the place you want to show.

2 - Edit
2 - Editar

Convert your pictures into 360 degree panoramas.

3 - Publish
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Make your panoramas interactive and available to the world on the internet.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 360 degree interactive panorama is worth a thousand pictures...


Online Virtual Tour Creator

Using the online virtual tour creator you can :

Convert your 360 degree pictures to virtual tours with a single click.

Insert your virtual tours into web sites, emails, blogs or wherever you like by just copying and pasting a text.

Know in a practical way all kinds of 360 degree pictures.

Discover that you can create hundreds of interactive virtual tours just as easily as you take pictures with your camera.

Check that with just one click from your camera and another click from your mouse it is possible to create a 360 degree interactive virtual tour out of nothing. And completely free of charge!!!

You can get started right now, even if you don't have a camera

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