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Partial Panorama : vista

 Type Partial Panorama
 ID 2927
 Weight 2.81 Mb
 Category Variety
 Country Spain
 Title vista
 Place cases noves
 City sitges
 Description s
 Comments s
 Author Elisa




Clicking on the image or on this link you could see it as Interactive Virtual Tour.

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In this place you can read comments to this Virtual Tour and/or publish your own comments. Only the Virtual Tours's author can moderate the publications upon identifying with a password. Empty comments and/or spam could be removed.

3 - Edit The Information

If you know the password here you can edit the information attached to the active Virtual Tour or modify the projection type to, for example, see a cylindrical panorama with spherical projection or a 360 Degrees Donut Shot as if was a Fish Eye Shot.

Show Elevation And Depression (*)
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(*) Change the relative values of Elevation and Depression above and below the horizon line to correct the deformation that appears when watching in interactive mode Cylindrical Panoramas captured with a tilted camera. To modify this values stretches up the panorama in an hemisphere while it contracts it in the opposite one, thus permiting for the horizon line to get closer to the image center minimizing the mentioned deformation. " class="thickbox">More information...
To click on Reset Image restores the Virtual Tours Characteristics to a state inmediately after its creation.

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If you wish to share just the Virtual Tour Without the rest of the page you can select the elements and characteristics of your preference and the click on Process Customization :

" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" style="overflow:hidden;display:block" width="330" height="350" hspace="0" vspace="0">

(*) The width will automatically adjust to a minimum value of 212 pixels for Virtual Tours without controls and to 315 pixels in case controls are included. The minimum height will adjust to 70 pixels.

IMPORTANT : Don't forget that links such as those you can copy from this page are lines of text that can be copied and pasted into any text, such as a comment to a forum, an email or a publication in a blog, while to insert Virtual Tours (whether floating or not) into a page what is inserted is a code, which requires to be inserted into the code that defines the entire page and must not be confused with the texts that the page may include to show its visitors.

Remember that you could insert code to your page if you have access to its code and for this you must count on the necessary permits: the access password to the server if it is your own website or an html code edition tool provided by the site, if it's a third party one.

&image_id=2927&image_weight=2.81&image_format_eng=Partial Panorama&image_xml_temp=panoramaparcial.xml&view_playmode=simpleflat&view_init_fov_original=94&view_top_limit=90&view_bottom_limit=90&image_ctgy_eng=Variety&titulo=vista&lugar=cases noves&ciudad=sitges&pais_eng=Spain&descripcion=s&comentarios=s&autor=Elisa&email=elanuza1@xtec.cat&website=agora.xtec.cat/iesvinyet/moodle/&screen_width=500&screen_height=375" style="text-decoration:none" target="paginacontoursvirtualesinsertados">Page With Embeded Virtual Tours.

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